Regardless of the length of your hair, hair breakage is a serious problem. If your hair breaks faster than it grows, your hair doesn’t seem to grow at all. Your good health will grow well, but keeping your hair length is hard to say. Look at where the hair is damaged. Is it at the end of your hair? Or is it broken on your head? Determining the location of the damage can help you determine the cause. Even hair extension can cause hair breaks because of the lack of nutrients from the hair. The following are common causes of hair breaks:

Dry Ends

If you notice a lot of damage at the end of your hair, it may be overly dry. This may be due to too much heat styling. If you iron or iron your hair too often, or if you brush your dry hair, you will have a lot of hair breaks by pulling it.

Another reason for drying is the lack of conditioning. Will you comb your hair after each shampoo? Are you often in a deep state and using a leave-in conditioner? Do you often seal those moisture? Black hair needs moisture to thrive, and moisturizing should be an ongoing process for optimal results. You must use the product that best suits your hair to moisturize the different ways. Dry, breakable solutions include regular deep conditioning, daily conditioning and moisturizing treatments, sealing and easing heat styling.

Rough operation

We often do this: rush through the hair styling, or because we are late or have no patience to deal with our hair in a gentle way. Also pay attention to the tools we use. Are you using a comb with a large tooth gap or a hard plastic brush? If your comb teeth are too narrow, they may pull the ends of the tangles and cause breakage. A stiff brush can put too much tension on your hair and scalp, especially along the hairline. Some women spend a lot of time and effort trying to get the perfect “laying” edge on pressure and product. To work around this problem, use a wide enough tooth to comb the hair or air cushion comb. When you don’t have time to deal with it carefully, try not to shape your hair.

Modeling problem

Maybe you notice the damage in the crown area. This may be related to styling techniques. Are you rubber banded ponytails or elastic metal sheets? The wrong type of hair accessory can “catch” and break your hair. Too tight a pattern can also cause damage, whether it is too tight at the crown or along the hairline.

To work around this issue, use a ponytail bracket that has no metal parts or covers the elastic parts. You should also try different styles to avoid wearing too long and too often tights. Occasionally smooth ponytails are good, as long as you loosen it before going to bed.

Overlapping chemicals

If your hair is fragile and fragile, and the broken hair is much more than the hair you just grown, don’t use too much chemicals on your hair, such as hair dyes or shampoos with additives. But it is very difficult for people who are looking for beauty.

If used frequently or on other chemical processes that dry the hair, the color of the hair can also cause damage. The color of the hair involved in bleaching prior to depositing the new color onto the hair is particularly harsh for hair that has been relaxed or textured.

If possible, even if you can easily maintain your hair every day, you should see a professional retouching. Although hair rinses are usually safe enough for anyone to use at home, stylists should also perform complex color processing.