What is HD lace wig?

HD lace wigs and transparent lace wigs appear the same. But in fact they are similar and differ. High Definition (HD) lace wig material when placed on the scalp becomes undetectable and invisible. The hairline can be left exposed with a natural appearance. The lace of the transparent lace wig is very thin and breathable as well. The makeup of the transparent lace wig allows it to go unnoticed when installed as it realistically blends with your scalp. The HD lace and transparent lace can both be worn glue less and easily blend into all skin tones. The HD lace wig is also known to cause no itch related irritation and is also very breathable like the transparent lace wig. The question then is, can the HD lace wig be distinguished from the transparent lace wig?

How to distinguish HD lace and Transparent Lace?

The main distinguishing feature between the HD lace wigs and transparent lace wigs is in the thinness and type oflace. The HD lace wig is a new type of lace which requires anadvanced technology and it is remarkably thinner than the transparent lace wig. The HD wig lace is ranked as higher quality with a see-through appearance in comparison to the transparent lace that is regular with a transparent tone color.Though both the transparent and HD lace wig give a natural appearance, the HD lace wig remains more natural and most comparable to the skin. The HD lace wig needs added care and precaution to preserve it and keep it damage free.

The HD lace wig creates a softer feel than the transparent lace wig, thus providing an increased level of comfort. HD lace wigs also tend to be more expensive than the transparent lace wig. Let us look at the comparison of the two through this table:



Translucent (See-through)when placed on scalp Blends into the scalp realistically
New lace technology that reflects light to create the best impression of real scalp. Regular Transparent lace that blends into your scalp skin tone.
Extremely thin thus creating an invisible effect when installed for all skin tones Thin and compliments all skin tones
Very delicate, but durable Durable
Breathable Breathable
Very soft, causing no irritation or itching May cause irritation or itching
Accommodates glue less installation Accommodates glue less installation
Limited to no customization needed May require customization


Is HD Lace wig durable?

Due to the fact that this HD Lace is SOO thin. The lace is SUPER easy to rip, please you are gentle with it. The HD lace is EXTREMELY delicate so you cannot pull or tug or continuously brush the hair on these HD Lace frontals.