Are girls suitable for long hair or short hair?  This century puzzle is the time to solve!

Internationally judged to be suitable for long hair or short hair, there are generally two methods of measurement:

1. Judging from the length of the neck: The length from the masseter to the scapula is greater than or equal to 6 cm. A girl with a long neck is suitable for short hair, and vice versa.

2. Judging from the chin: The distance from the earlobe to the chin is shorter than 5.7 cm for short hair, and vice versa.

1.Suitable for short hair girls

Neck length: The length from the Masseter muscle to the scapula is greater than or equal to 6 cm.

Hair quality: Soft and weak support

Hair Volume: Moderate or less

Suggestion: You have a swan neck, it is suitable for cutting short hair to reveal your beautiful neck, and the hair of the hair with small amount of hair is too small. In the case of long hair, it is easy to appear docile and flat, and it is easier to create fluffy hair in the case of short hair. Feeling and layering.

2.Suitable for long hair girls

Neck length: less than or equal to 6 cm from the Masseter muscle to the scapula.

Hair quality: There is tension, naturally with a little natural roll, coarse and hard hair.

Hair Volume: more moderate.

Suggestions: The girls with more hair and stiffer hair are more suitable for long hair to slow down the fluffy feeling, while the hair with natural tension will have more choices in shape and the effect of hot dyeing will be better. Of course, if you have long hair, you must also protect your hair. If you have a beautiful, shiny long hair, you will have more  temperament.

Excluding neck length, hair quality, hair volume, girls’ height is other factor.  I found that many female stars cut a hair really like a face change, really good to see a lot. Looking at all kinds of hairstyle. I sincerely sigh that the length of the hair is really important for the girl’s face, the length is different, the temperament of the entire person has completely changed. Some short girls with long hair fluttering look less goddess, but also a little short look better, so it seems that different heights, suitable hair length is not the same,  come and see what your height is suitable to stay Length it.

150-165 cm: Best Recommend Hair in clavicle

Girls’ height is still the majority of female students. This height is the best for us to stay in the middle of the clavicle, not too short to appear aggressive, but not too long to pull down our height. The length can be very gentle ladies, most of the boys still prefer the lady-type girls .

More than 165 cm: Best Recommend Long hair

This height is really the height of the goddess with black and straight hair ! In fact, this height can easily hold the hair,  not afraid to show short. If the goddess is tall and looks good, she can try short hair and make the whole person look cool.