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XBL Hair Tips:How To Choose A Suitable Hairstyle For Face Shape?


How To Choose A Suitable Hairstyle For Face Shape?

Hairstyle is very important, different hairstyles can show different temperament.But beautiful hairstyle is suitable for you ?There roughly divide people’ face shape into six types: round face, square face, heart-shaped face, diamond-shaped face, long face and oval face.


Face shape, hairstyle, body wave ,straight hair

1.Oval Face.Face representatives: Kate Hudson

Whether long hair or short hair, straight or curly hair, any hairstyle can hold on.This face shape can achieve very harmonious effect.This is the best of the traditional aesthetic vision.Girls who is be oval face can try short BOB, it will reduce age or more playful cute shape.If you get a long hair over shoulders ,whether straight or curly hairstyle will stretch foil oval face perfectly. Jerry Curl also a nice choice.

2. Long  Face.Face representatives:Sarah Jessica Parker

Bangs has always been good partner to long face girls.Neat bangs in straight hair do decorate forehead perfectly.Face can not appear too much vertical lines,so long straight hair is not suitable for them.If you really like straight hair,remember to create a long bob roughly 12″to 14″ inch. Maybe long face girls can try boy wave to create both sides curly fluffy.

3.Round Face.Face representatives: Fergie

Your goal is to make your face look slender and eliminates the unpleasant “short and round”.Maybe short BOB hair wig was beaten thin and sharpened can solve your problem. Round face girls can can try natural wave or long straight hair.Because the vertical lines of straight hair visually weaken the width of the round face.You can choose side bangs to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face.

4.Square Face.Face representatives: Angelina Jolie

In general, the hair style should cover part of the forehead and cheeks, so that the hair vertical to both sides, resulting in a narrow and gentle facial effect.Long BOB longer than chin can try.Long broken straight hair and body wave are good choice, that hair looks naturally floating,the entire face becomes curvy.

5.Heart-Shaped Face.Face representatives:Katie Holmes

Heart-shaped face, also known as “inverted triangle face”, which is nowadays girls favorite.If you like short hair, you can try short bob to cut into pixie cut which the hair on the top and forehead is slightly longer and the back shorter.If you like long hair, you can curl the hair around the chin, the curve shape just to make up for the sharp chin feeling. Because this face shape isn’t suitable for thick curly hair, maybe you can try loose body  which have soft curve to decorate face shape.


6. Diamond Face.Face representatives:Taylor Swift

This face is more three-dimensional,straight hair, body wave ,natural wave are suitable for Diamond Face.Basically rhombus face can easily control all the hairstyle for square face.Loose wave and Body wave have more slender and soft line for face shape.



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