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The Difference Between Wholesale Hair and Dropship Hair Purchasing

There are ways to do business and make money. When you’re doing hair extension business, your goal is to maximize profits. There are two things Wholesale Hair and Dropship Hair Purchasing  that are critical to your hair extension business. One is product quality and the second is procurement cost. You can find the right supplier, but storage and inventory are a completely different one.

Dropship Hair PurchasingWholesale Hair Purchasing

Wholesale purchase means that you purchase goods from a supplier at wholesale prices. This means you get a discounted price, not the usual retail price in the store. Wholesale prices generally have a minimum purchase quantity, although this will help you get the product at a low price, but you may just start your hair business. This is your first investment and you will be worried about the backlog of inventory.


The difference between retail and wholesale prices is enough to convince you to invest a lot of money to buy products at a cheaper price. It can then be sold to the end customer at retail prices for a comfortable profit.  XBLHAIR offers a very comfortable profit margin for companies that handle these businesses. Wholesale procurement also means that your warehouse uses storage space. If you have just started, this may mean you have to set aside funds to buy inventory, rent space, and most importantly, stay ahead of your competitors. This program is a relatively suitable enterprise that is mature enough and sufficient funds.

Dropship Hair Purchasing

What is Dropship Hair Purchasing ?

If you are a hairstylist or a college student who wants to earn extra money, or a mother with a child at home. Dropship Hair Purchasing is a good way to start a new life. If you trust your customers or friends to find that you sell hair, you can ask us to place an order for you. And send it to you to help the customer install, or send it directly to your customers. We will also work with you for a long time at wholesale prices. This method attracts many hair stylists and college students to cooperate with us.

You can place an order directly on our website, or orders send to our WhatsApp and we will process it. The package will contain your brand to be sent to the customer on the same day or next business day. You don’t have to worry about logistics, transportation, tracking, inventory, etc.

XBLHAIR offer discounted prices and provide high quality products. If your product is reasonably priced but the product is not very good, then you will lose business. Most of our customers are in the US, and even some hundreds of thousands of fans on social platforms. We are their only supplier. A factory and a wig company can continue to do business for so many years, that is to keep a good reputation and keep improving our company and Customer’s business is getting better and better

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