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XBL Hair Tip:How To Make A Thin Virgin Weave Thicker

How To Make A Thin Virgin Weave Thicker

Virgin Weave

Virgin Weave

1.Figure Out In Which Place Of Your Weave Is Thinning

Shedding is the commom reason that cause the thinning problems, especially when your tracks are loose on your weaves and after your excessively brush to your hair extensions . If the hair on the track is barely there, let one or two old hair remove of your head. You could select to sew additional tracks on your top head if your overall weave is thin and you need to add it a little more hair to make it look full.

2.Sewing A Few Tracks From One Ear Side To Another Ear Side

And put another tracks about a few inches between the others and remember the last track should be put above the nape of your neck, so as to add volume to your hair. Add a few tracks in between tracks you already have by carefully separating each track, holding with a clip and gluing in a few new tracks, if you’re bonding your hair in with hair glue. Dual within the keeps track of to replace with the shedding of your hair and give a fullness.

3.Minimize Your Hair In Extended Tiers

The levels can create a glance of size particularly when curled to offer your look shape and depth. Use extended levels for directly smooth types and quicker choppy tiers if you want a whole curved fashion.

4.Make Use Of A 2 Inch Barrel Curling Steel To Curl Your Complete Hair

Curl head of hair in several instructions so there is absolutely no rhyme or cause together with the curling style. This can thicken your hair as the curls will lay on the top of the other person in contrast to uniformly.

5.Move Levels Separated And Having A Rat Tail Hair Comb, A Paddle Cleaning Brush, Or Even Your Hands

If you want to maintain most of your curls, use the paddle brush to create wide, full waves. Or you could use the comb. Use feathering strategy by curling top, smaller levels, combing the tiers again out of your encounter. And driving your hair frontward in the direction of your skin and producing overlapping feathered bangs.

6.Tease The Crown Of Your Own Weave Utilizing A Teasing Hair Comb Or Small Bristle Remember To Brush

Soon after teasing, make use of hair comb to clean locks within the teased location to include elevation in your appearance. Your general appear will likely be heavier together with the layered and teased, and tousled design.

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