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How many do you know about Valentine’s Day?-XBL Hair News

How many do you know about Valentine’s Day?

The annual Valentine’s Day is coming soon. It’s time for the couples to have a headache, that what gifts to give and how to celebrate this day. Valentine’s Day is February 14th of each year, is one of the traditional festivals in western countries, it’s origin from christian. It has become a favorite festival for young people in Europe and America, and other countries have become popular.This is a festival of love, romance, flowers, chocolates, cards. And men and women on this day to send gifts to express love or friendliness.  Valentine’s Day dinner dates usually represent the key to the development of a lover’s relationship.

Valentine's Day

Chinese Valentine’s day, one of the traditional festivals, July 7th of the lunar calendar. It is said that the seventh daughters of God is in love with a mortal. Their love has been opposed by God, so they are allowed to meet each other only once a year. Generally, it will rain on this day. It means their tears of yearning.

Valentine’s Day Gifts No Longer Gifts But Real Heart

All kinds of gifts are very creative and intimate now. Now Valentine’s Day Gifts are not only rose,chocolates. Some people make handmade chocolates, handmade cakes, and it is more interesting for boys grow small plants to send to their girlfriends. When you feel your couple is tired these days , you can buy a massage chair or  warm hand machine as gifts, you do not send gifts but a health to your couple. Now the girls are crazy about buying  beauty products, boys can buy mascara, foundation, lipstick, even human hair. It’s said that 4 lipsticks can let your isolation successfully. They are Dior 520, YSL 13 rose tempera, YSL 14 orange shiver , Dior 999. 

valentine's day gift

How To Choose Human Hair Style As Gift?

Now XBL Hair Valentine’s Day  SALE is hot on going. $8 off for order over $100; $15 off for order over $300;$30 off for order over $500; $50 off for order over $1000; More discount can visit our site. If you are boys and do not know how to choose hair products. Straight hair is a nice choice for all girls , it is suited for all face shape and all occasion. If you want to a special and fashion hairstyle , you can choose 3 pieces Jerry curly or Water wave hair bundles, i believe girls will like it. If you don’t know how many bundles to choose , a pieces of cake, just choose a full lace wig and short bob. It is a step to get a fresh hairstyle. This post is some personal suggestions about the Valentine’s Day Gifts,  thanks your reading.

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