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What is unit closure wig? —-xblhair.com

What is Unit Closure Wig? —-xblhair.com

Thank you to xblhair. We provide the newest hair products knowledge and exclucive beauty for you , your love to xblhair is our best motivation. Unit Closure wig is our feature product, but some customers still how to distinguish lace front wig and unit closure wig. What is unit closure wig?Let see the differernt from photo below directly.

This is lace front wig

This is lace front wig

This is unit closure wig

This is unit closure wig














We can see there are lace in front and behind on lace fron wig, and there is a 4×4 lace closure in front on unit closure wig. Of course, we have unit front wig.  Wig are have adjustable straps, cap size are usually almost 54-58 cm. Wigs are very convenience to wear and take off.

What is Unit Closure Wig?

Unit Closure Wig is feature machine-made wig by xblhair. It is best hot products this year, it is a combination of hair bundles and closure. We have professional workers to help sewing in hair and show you a perfect hairstyle. The advantage of machine-made wig: 1. The making cost is cheaper than salon 2. Save your time to sew in hair bundles with closure 3. It is easy to dress and move it 4. Choose the suitable size lace cap for you

What’s the different between lace front wig and unit closure wig?

Unit closure wig: This is a machine-made wig, the density is 180%-200%,  the wig include hair weft so the weight is heavier than lace front wig.  It is a combination of 2/3 bundles with 4×4 clsoure or 13×4 frontal.  It do not have combs by default, if you need combs, you can ask representative to add for you. The lace cap of unit closure wig is M size by default, if you need S/L size, you can tell us. You can no use glue when you wear unit closure wig. Lace front wig: This is a hand-made wig, it is breathable and light, but the density is 130%-150%. Lace front wig do have 4 combs by default, and usually the wig cap size is 54-58 cm, only one size. You must need use glue when wear lace front wig.

How to Choose lace front wig or unit closure wig?

General speaking, unit closure wig is a simple customized wig, this wig will be suitable for yourself. 

1.If you like thick hair, you can choose unit closure wig.

2.If you have a big/small head, unit clousre wig will be more comfortable to fits perfectly.

3.If you have like light and breathable feeling,  lace front wig is your best choice.

4.If  you feel it is hard to sew in hair bundles with clsoure,  please choose a unit clsoure wig.

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