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Is Top Quality Virgin Human Hair Invulnerable?

Is Top Quality Virgin Human Hair Invulnerable?

Is Top Quality Virgin Human Hair Invulnerable? My answer is No. As the saying goes, the more valuable items need to be careful protection. Women who buy Hermes bag know that it costs a lot to care for the bag after using. If the bag always will not be bad after using,that maybe you had buy fake bag. Top quality stuff is not invulnerable.

The same meaning to human hair products. There are always some customers who complain about the human hair are so expensive and then the hair quality is tangle after wearing. In fact, because they do not know how to protect the human hair, rather than buy fake hair.If someone buy the human hair can always keep smooth, maybe it is synthetic hair.Human hair will be little tangle after wearing a long time. It means you need to take care for your hair.

How to take care of your human hair and hair extension ?

Before install, you can wash hair bundles or lace closure with warm water below 40 degree. Treat them like your natural hair. Washing hair extension or hair bundles 2-3 times a week with using moisturizing shampoo. And  you can use essential oils or hair conditioner to keep moisture. When you do not have empty time to wash hair, i recommended spray dry hair shampoo on the scalp, instant hair refresh for all hair style. This one hair spray from  UK Batiste, it have many different sweet  smell off to choose.

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If someone do not know how to protect hair and hair wig and remove the sticky hair from head. Going to hair salon is  nice choice. So take a hair care can keep  expensive hair for more longer time and keep it beautiful. Top quality virgin hair isn’t invulnerable, they need to treat like your own hair.

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