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What Natural Materials Can Care Your Hair?

If you are worried that the chemical composition of shampoo and conditioner is not healthy for your scalp, you can try natural hair care way to protect your virgin hair. Some processes are more troublesome, you can also buy shampoo containing these ingredients.

Rice Water Hair Care1.Rice Water

When young people are young, they have white hair, and they don’t know when to start, and the hair will start to fall out. Learn to wash your hair with Rice water for a quarter, your hair will be black and supple.
Rice water can be used instead of shampoo, because in general, the weak acid shampoo is mild and moisturizing. It can fill the missing scales, give the hair full nourishment and form a protective film to lock the hair effectively. Moisture helps to improve dry hair. The use of glutinous rice is because it contains more oil than rice and has a protective effect on the hair.


The acidic character of the lemon allows the scales to close quickly, acting like a conditioner, and the hair becomes smooth and slippery. The pH of lemon juice is about 3, which is very close to the pH of ordinary conditioners, so it can also act as a conditioner.

Another benefit of lemon is that it is extremely rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin B2, which are needed for hair growth. In addition, lemon juice is actually irritating. This irritant can promote skin metabolism, promote capillary circulation, sterilize and remove oil. It is similar to ginger and can stimulate hair growth.

natural hair care3.Honey

With honey hair care, the effect is comparable to conditioner. Compared with artificial chemical ingredients, honey is naturally non-irritating and more suitable for the elderly, children and vulnerable skin.

1.increase hair elasticity

If the hair is weak, take some honey and skim milk in the bath and mix them in equal amounts. After smearing on the hair for a while, rinse off to keep the hair soft and elegant. dry damage

Honey is known as a “natural moisturizer” that helps hair absorb and retain moisture and nourish dry, damaged hair. Add some honey to the conditioner used in daily care, which is more clean than the direct application of honey on the hair, the hair will not be sticky, and the honey will penetrate the hair roots. The hair is moist and soft.

3.brighten the show shine

If you want to have a shiny hair, mix honey and lemon juice onto your hair and rinse off after a while. After a month or two, you will find that your hair will be black and shiny and not easily damaged.


Use the green skin of the aloe  to remove the gel and apply it to the hair to maintain the hair. Or put a small piece of fresh Aloe vera gel in the pot and add boiling hot water. The shampoo can make the hair flat and bright, and can effectively reduce the formation of dandruff. When washing your hair with aloe vera, apply aloe vera juice to your hair and scalp while massaging the scalp. Not only can it relieve itch, it can prevent hair loss and white hair. It also makes the hair clean and soft, easy to comb and shiny; no need to use conditioner or conditioner after washing. Of course, if you feel that homemade aloe vera gel is very troublesome, you can also buy canned aloe vera gel directly.

hair care 5.Ginger water

Ginger water natural hair care will make hair better, reduce excess oil secreted by the scalp, and reduce hair loss and dandruff. The analysis of the efficacy of specific ginger shampoos is as follows.

1. improve hair quality

Ginger is warm and warm when the scalp is applied. It can make the scalp congestive and promote blood circulation, thus improving hair quality. Therefore, the effect of this congestion on blood circulation can improve the growth of hair to a certain extent, especially for people with mental alopecia and kidney deficiency, and the effect is very obvious.

2. reduce excess oil secreted by the scalp

As we all know, ginger is a famous bactericidal food. Ginger water can effectively clean up the rubbish and oil accumulated in the scalp, that is, reduce the excess oil secreted by the scalp. It will be very refreshing after washing, but be careful to rinse it off with water.

3. reduce hair loss and dandruff

The reason why hair loss occurs is because the hair roots have obstacles to nutrient absorption. The use of ginger water promotes scalp blood circulation and promotes nutrient absorption of hair roots, thereby reducing hair loss and dandruff.

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