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What’s the difference between synthetic, silk and mink eyelash extensions?

Everyone knows that XBLAHIR are a supplier of 100% virgin human hair, now we start to enter false eyelashes field, we guarantee 100% animal hair, because we are against the abuse and killing of cute animals, our eyelashes are collected from artificial feeding mink Shedding hair. Now let we know–What’s the difference between synthetic, silk and mink eyelash extensions?

mink eyelash extensions

What is mink eyelash?

To simply, mink hair eyelash is made from animal hair, which is more messy than fiber eyelashes, but it is hair extracted from animals, it is very similar to the human body’s own hair. With a little grease, with a sense of gloss. Different animal hairs have different stiffness and water resistance. The mink hair comes with natural curling, which is very close to our real eyelashes, but the curling degree will drop when it encounters water. Common ones include mink hair, squirrel hair, fox hair, etc., which are naturally fallen hair from animals, and the hair has good gloss and softness. However, because it is a natural material, the length, curl, and thickness are relatively limited; in addition, because of the relationship between animal hair, there will be the problem of bacterial residue, so the disinfection process is strict.

3d mink eyelashes

What is Synthetic Fiber lash?

It has different materials such as PBT, PET, PVC, etc. It is made of chemical materials. This kind of eyelashes can remember the shape for a long time. It is not easy to deform through special processing, has good chemical resistance, can be customized with different lengths and curls, and is suitable for modeling eyelashes. Its hair is slightly heavier and it is easy to crush its own eyelashes after applying makeup. Synthetic Fiber eyelashes are less absorbent, so they are not easily deformed when exposed to water. When scorched, it will give off a plastic smell, and then form into a hard little piece. When choosing fiber eyelashes, you also need to know whether its hair is sharpened. Sharpened false eyelashes give a higher sophistication and simulation, while those without sharpening seem to be cut off.

 What is silk lash?

It come from the cocoons of the silkworm – the very same fibers that can be spun into a thread and used to create expensive silk fabrics. The high-grade silk protein material that is closest to the softness of the silk is selected. It is extracted from the snow-white silk spit out from the silkworm. It is a pure natural product. The raw material of the smelted eyelashes contains silk-like luster, which is softer than real eyelashes and more effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The advantages of reducing allergies are unmatched by other animal hairs and ordinary fiber hairs.

In general, choose false eyelashes according to your needs. Different eyelashes have advantages and disadvantages. Choose your own eyelashes from the sensitivity of the eyes, the occasion of attendance, the shape of the eyes, etc., and if you are interested in real 100% mink eyelashes, You can click this link:

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