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There is a makeup technique that can be called micro-plastic surgery

There is a makeup technique that can be called micro-plastic surgery

It’s exciting and fun to see her make-up! In Russia, there is a great god who can help the younger sister to achieve the effect of “changing head” through superb makeup techniques. She is regarded as the “wondered witch” of the real beauty makeup session by netizens! The fighting nation really is extraordinary! The Great God’s name is Goar Avetisyan and is a 24-year-old professional makeup artist from Moscow. She was originally famous because of the magic work photos uploaded on the instagram and Youtube. Regardless of age, race, or skin color, she could live a life of 8 points for Hollywood supermodel ladies, which is truly amazing. With her superb technology, she will be able to accomplish much in the makeup industry. However, when everyone thinks that she will follow the path of a superstar master makeup artist, she makes a decision that shocks everyone and resigns!

Makeup artist

Fortunately, Goar did not leave the makeup world. She chose an entirely different path: the public makeup artist. Goar has a fan who has been living in the shadow of low self-esteem due to severe burns, scars left on her face, and her left eye can’t even close completely.Girl hopes to see his face without scars and beauty. After seeing Goar’s high level works, she raises her courage to write a letter to her idols, hoping that she can help her realize this desire. Nice Goar received a request for the girl immediately after receiving the letter!

Especially for those inferiority women who have had a misfortune or have face defects due to illness, establish self-confidence for them so that they can see that they can be so beautiful and make-up can do it!

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Therefore, the god resolutely quit the work of the communists and embarked on the path of a public makeup artist. She decided to bring more positive energy to those in need with her own God-given skillful hands! Angelic faces and hearts are Goar! Many women who suffer from illnesses and facial defects have lost hope for their lives. Goar allows them to see their potential. I can also be so beautiful and confident in the sun. Make-up is not just about painting. Goar hopes to soothe the wounded mind and body through this form and increase her courage to live.


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