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How to keep your hair reduce static electricity in winter?

How to keep your hair reduce static electricity in winter?

In winter, dry hair and dry air prone to static electricity, it make hairstyle looks messy. Even lead to severe headache, insomnia and irritability and other symptoms. If it is dry hair, the situation will be more affected by static than oily hair, “fried hair” landscape will be more impressive. How to quickly remove the static electricity and care hair in winter ?Let me tell you.

1.Use Anti-static products before combing hair

Plastic and nylon hair comb make  friction with the hair and produce static electricity easily. Use wood comb or horn comb will be much better. Spray some water or hair condition to moisturize hair before combing, it will create a protective layer between the hair and the hairbrush, making the combed hair less fussy.I recommend the pretty comb from USA AVEDA brand, you can get  pretty hair care by it.

wood comb for virgin hair

2.Hair care products to care for hair

Choose moisturizing shampoo, bring more moisture to the scalp, the hair will not be too easy to produce static electricity. At the same time ,use moisturizing hair conditioner to keep the hair moist ,soft, smooth, moisturizing. Enough hair humidity, static nature will be back. I have used a lot of this hair mask, it can keep my hair pretty smooth. This product from Japan Shiseido.

hair condition,static electricity

3.Sit hair dry naturally

No use hair dryer after washing your hair and let the hair dry naturally. The less hot air is blown into the hair. The more moisturizing effect of the shampoo and conditioner can retain on scalp. If you have to quickly dry your hair in time,spray some hair spray or cover a towel on the hair to keep it away from the hair dryer as much as possible.

4.Tie up the long hair

Long hair accompany clothing friction and touch dry cold. That will let hair quickly produce static electricity, in order to reduce the trouble. Tip up long hair is the best way. It can effectively achieve the effect of preventing static electricity.

5.Wash hair 2-3 times a week

If you often wash hair, take away the contaminated particles attached to the hair easily , so not only keep the hair clean and also greatly reduce the friction caused by particulate matter static electricity.

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