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How To Install 360 Lace Frontal ?–XBL Hair

How To Install 360 Lace Frontal ?–XBL Hair

Lace Frontal,how much do you know about it ? There are different size Lace Closure:2X6 4 x 4 Closure, 5 x 5 Closure, 6×6 Closure, 7x7Closure.

Lace Frontal :  13 x 2Frontal, 13 x 4 Frontal, 13×6 Frontal and 360 Lace Frontal. Except 360 Lace Frontal, other size are very easy to install. There is a good method that using a strap to fix closure and cut it after finish. Now you can see the video below.

But there are still some people ,who do not know how to install 360 lace frontal. 360 lace frontal can be tailored depending on the preferences of the customer. If you prefer curled, dyed, or straightened hair. This is your brand because it will allow you to achieve that. You do not need to always change your hair to get a specific style and 360 frontal with bundles takes that into consideration.

1.Sew frontal into cornrows

Make your hair into cornrows,then apply the 360 lace front brand. Cut the lace edges to match hairline. Sew in hair weft too the center part. The advantage of this method is no cap, no glue, no leave out, no trap. And it can be fixed well.

lace wig












2.Use frontal to make a wig 

Sew 360 lace frontal into lace cap, and cut the lace edges . Then sew 2 hair bundles into the center part. Looks the step is the same as first method. The advantage of this step is the wig can take off easily when you want to change .

lace wig360 Lace Frontal Body Wave










This 360 lace frontal band just gives the option of being able to style your hair the way you want all around not just the front. These Lace Frontal will fit any standard medium wig cap size wearing women. With 4 inches to the front and 2 inches towards the back. This isn’t a wig but can be used to make a wig or for a hair weave you just add the bundles to the middle. It goes around the whole head so you can put it in a ponytail, and part anywhere too. All hand-tied and bleached knots with natural hairline.


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