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How to Remove Wig Glue From Hair Safely and Easily

How to Remove Wig Glue From Hair Safely and Easily

When your lace wig has been doing its best, it is difficult to take off. How to remove wigs glue from hair safely and easily?

The answer is simple, but even the most experienced hairstylist have to go through a complicated process, that to remove the lace wig from the hairline without damaging the edges. Lace wigs can be safely removed! Hairstylist believe that the key to removing wig on lace without damage is related to patience. Let’s take a look at the wig removal process before the lace.

How to remove wig glue before lace. There are multiple ways to remove wig. However, it is important to note that the wig removal process begins with the installation process. You must ensure that anyone wearing a wig that installing it under the hairline. This operation is essential for saving edges. Next, you will need: Acetone or rubbing alcohol, oily solvent (such as C22Citrus solvent), cotton ball, don’t forget to bring you patience.

1. Tie up your hair. Remove your hair from your face so that you can see the hairline.

2. Coated with alcohol or acetone. Use a cotton ball or other cotton cloth (such as socks) to dip alcohol gently. It is recommended to use gentle movements, as this will help prevent friction and prevent the solution from entering the eyes and causing burns and irritation. You should note that after repeating this operation, the front of the shoelace will start to lift. Remember, if you feel pain during lifting, you need to remove your hair, and you need to continue to use alcohol to help lift the wig to avoid pulling.

3. Oil-based solvents. after loosening the wig, repeat the process with the cap below, then apply an oily solvent, to help remove the lace glue remaining on the skin.

4. Wash skin. Don’t forget to wash the skin and remove oil and any remaining glue. Apply moisturizer to the area to restore moisture and hair elasticity.

Follow this process and follow the instructions carefully, and you will get positive results. Please remember to take some time, do not rush to delete the program or skip any steps.

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