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How to care for the dyed blonde hair ?–XBL Hair Tips

613 hair is light color hair, it will be dyed to colorful hair. But how to care these hair to prevent dyed hair from fading? Today let me tell you some tips to protect these hair.

Tip 1: Keep it Hydrated

Blond 613 is originally color-treated hair.  If we continue to dye it by twice, this process deprives many oils attached to the epidermis of the hair.  This makes our hair dry, lacking elasticity, and brittle. The treated hair was deprived of a large number of cuticles. To revitalize dry, brittle hair, we recommend investing in high-quality leave-in conditioners or deep-repairing hair masks. A deep care hair mask is an excellent way to restore moisture from the hair during the dyeing process. Although you cannot eliminate the damage in one step, deep care is essential for dyed hair and is a great way to prevent breakage.

Tip 2: Protect it from heat

We need hot water when dyeing the blonde 613 wigs to make the color fixed. Therefore, the dyed blonde hair should be washed with cold water , because hot water will fade it.   stay away from hair dryers and curling irons! The less thermal styling, the better! After dyed hair, especially dyed 613 hair, it is difficult for the hair to retain nutrients. Dry and brittle hair. On the basis of the chemical process, adding too much heat to the hair styling will indeed damage and dilute the gloss.

Tip 3: Make your color last

Over time, even natural factors can cause your hair to change color. In order to make the color lasting, we recommend that you invest in purple shampoo. This specially formulated shampoo is an excellent way to combat these brassy shades and keep your locks cool and taupe tones, and you spend a lot of money to achieve it.

In principle, the purple shade is the opposite of the yellow shade on the color wheel. This means that if the purple pigment in the shampoo is absorbed by the hair follicles, it will cover and eliminate any warm yellow tones in the hair.
But if your hair is dyed


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