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Why Black Girls Can Not Live Without Hair Weave

Why Black Girls Can Not Live Without Hair Weave


Black Girls Love Their Hair weave!

The new big thing in hair styling is here, and it’s called Hair Weave! Hot celebrities have admitted to wear them and why not? It is a hair style that fits all girls and especially black girls! What is it that makes this hairstyle so special to fit all black ladies?

What Is Weaves

Weaves reinforce the thickness of the hair, that surrounds the face creating a look that can be both chic and sassy, sweet and wild, classy and rude. On top of all this, the extra hair makes any hair style last longer!

Every black girl knows that keeping your hair straight and slick for more than a day is a hard task, even with the best protection products. Some humidity, some rain, and there you go: the hair frizzes or curls back up, looking totally abandoned and uncared for.

This is one of the reasons why hair weaves are so popular. The weavescan keep some of the natural curling, and the hair style definitely lasts longer! Weaves are easy to wear and the natural hair does not get damaged, on the contrary it is protected.

How To Create A Cool Look

Now, let’s see how to create a cool look with a hair weave. The weave reinforces your hair look, making the hair appear thicker and longer. How is is different from an extension? It is not! A weaver actually is an extension but instead of being silicon-glued to your hair, it is sewn on it! Therefore it even offers protection to the natural hair.

If you want a more dramatic look, try to apply some more weaves! Make sure you have purchased the right ones for your hair! That is not easy, since you have to be careful to pick up 100% natural hair, with a colour that matches your own hair colour! XBL Hair products are actually perfect for that, since they are of the finest quality, durable, thick and soft. On top of that, XBL Hair has a large scale of products for black girls, extensions, clip ins and even wigs! Apply the weaves with the help of an expert (the more the better) and you have the perfecthair style!

How To Wear Your Weaves

You can wear your weavy hair style as you wish. To formal occasions (weddings, special occasions), in the office, at school, for a night out. Wear it with your wild look, maybe in a wavy ponytail, wear it with a dress, or at work. Weaves look great on anything, and you can have an impeccable hair look for many days or more! With the attached  XBL Hair weaves you can practically do anything you want with your hair. The weaves come out at any style you wish, so you don’t need to to anything to adjust them, only to fit them to your style.

Black girls have found their new best friend for this season. The weaves are easy to take on and off, they do not destroy the hair and they can be adjusted to any hair style just like your own hair. Even more, you can keep them for a very long time, since XBL Hair products don’t shed or break, or get easily destroyed. Besides, weaves are money-saving compared to the classic silicon extensions.

Make the difference and change your hairstyle now! Enjoy long, which, natural hair, and forget about bad hair days. Try the weave as thousands of other girls and celebrities.


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