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Is The Hair Industry Really Saturated?-XBLHAIR NEWS

The development of the hair industry

The hair industry has been around since, well, a very long time ago! The early hair industry was very hot.

With economic development and fashion aesthetics. More and more African-American women wear hair extension. Hair is a rigid demand for African Americans, and almost every woman has 1-2 hair wigs. More and more suppliers come from India, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, hair is sold to the United States and Africa.

So more and more Americans also resell hair extension, hair  installed hairstylists are also a very hot industry. But now even social platforms sell hair everywhere. There are always a few friends selling hair around you. Even college students can earn extra money by reselling  hair. Who is the hair to sell to? Many people said that the hair industry is now the sunset industry. Is the hair industry saturated?

hair extensionBut many people wonder, is the hair industry saturated? Well, on my personal opinion, I believe the hair industry is full of many great things and there isn’t anything terrible about that. I think people forget how massive this world is, which means there are endless. There will always be room at the hair market for anyone to join. So I would say it’s a positive outlook that the hair industry is no saturated.  Continue reading below to find out some reasons why!

Star Effect With Hair Extension

Nowadays women are more and more appreciative of fashion. It can be said that the idea of universal fashion is the progress of world civilization. Some of our clients are only fifteen or six years old. Almost every black woman needs at least one wig, but now follow the stars trend, women ‘s buying desire is even stronger. Some women have a variety of wigs, long or short, color or black, straight or curly, depending on the different occasion, depending on the different clothes. So when the population is fixed, the demand for hair increases, indicating that the saturation of the hair industry still has a lot of space.

Web Celebrity Era With Hair Extension

With the rise of multiple social platforms, the social platform is fair to everyone, so that each girl can show her beauty better. Star effect Many people will think that paid advertisements are not honest buyers’ opinions, so the products recommended by ordinary people are more convincing. Many women buy their own hair tests and then reflect the pictures and videos. First of all, these net reds are the market. When they have enough popularity, they can also buy hair through her. Therefore, the friends around these net red are potential markets. So the hair market is not fixed and needs to be excavated. The hair industry is not saturated. Some people question the hair products. Only 100% good quality can attract more consumers to have confidence in this market.

Africa Is Big Hair Market

If you ask a hair wholesaler, which market you want to sell your products most. They will definitely answer the US.  Because American Africans have a higher level of consumption. They have a large demand for products, but also have high quality requirements. In fact, they do not know that Africa is a bigger market. The population of black Africans is many times that of the United States. Their level of consumption is slowly increasing.

However, because of the limitations of geographical and payment methods. There are very few ways for buying hair, and the procedure for receiving international express delivery is more troublesome. The way they sell their hair is usually through freight forwarders, and the delivery time is even as long as a month.  So some black people see such a market, and they go to the hair supplier’s country or the black American friends to see the goods and take them back.  Since we are seeing such a market. Why do we need African friends to passively take their hair? Friends who are conveniently located near Africa can take the initiative to start such a hair business.  Not the hair industry is saturated, it is geographically limited to the hair market.

Hair IndustryMore Women Needs Hair Extension

All women like beauty, they curl, dye and bleach their own hair, but the damage to own virgin hair is very terrible. Even dyes or bleaching syrup can penetrate into the people’s scalp, which is easy to cause scalp allergies and other diseases. Therefore, more and more people are willing to choose virgin hair wig and hair extension to change hairstyles. XBL HAIR also has a lot of customers from different countries, not only black women, they also love 100% VIRGIN HAIR EXTENSION. It is healthy and beautiful way to beautify.

The hair industry is not limited to black women in the United States. The saturation of the industry is only relative. If you want to develop a industry for a long time, you must find sales hot spots. The most important thing is to attract more consumers through quality. Can make consumers lose confidence, and the end result is to go to the so-called sunset industry.



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