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Gorgeous Hair Color Fashion Trends You Want 2018

Gorgeous Hair Color Fashion Trends You Want 2018

Natural black hair is the most suitable for all people, but all people are in black hair that you are not a special girl in the crowed. Especially student girls ,they  like to change hairstyle and hair color constantly. In addition to hairstyle, change hair color is one of the ways to make the appearance change. But everyone has a different face, head, and even different colors, so hair color should also be careful to avoid some dyed minefields. This time from a different color and face shape to start with to see what most people will face hair color matching problems, and then prescribe the right medicine to find the most suitable for their hair color!  Fashion trends are constantly changing, the only changeless one is beauty. Can you accept these exaggerated hair color ? Let’s take a look at hair color trends  fashion 2018. 

1.Fluorescent green

This hair color is very challenging.  Fluorescent Green hair color catch others’ eyes, rock feeling is full. Let others remember you at a glance,the following rate is high when you walking on the road.

color hair

2.Tiffany Blue

The call of his color is from the jewelry company Tiffany. This color is called one of the most expensive colors, because this color is already registered patent. This color is between blue and green and different to mix out this color. But it is very special and beautiful after wearing.

Tiffany blue loose wave hairstyle

3.Golden Yellow

Hair color decide temperament. I don’t know how to describe this sexy color. But this color is not suitable for chocolate skin girl, it will let the skin looks more dull. What suits you is the best. I admit that I don’t suit this color, but I still want to recommend nice things to you .

4.Lavender purple & Ultra Violet purple

The color of lavender gives a calm and quiet feeling. Although this hair color is very special, it is still suitable for student girls. But ultra violet purple is different, extremely bright ultra violet light and vast night sky, a symbol of the infinite possibilities, giving the feeling of mystery. This color is suitable for cold and elegant goddess.

Hair Color

purple body wave











5. Sakura pink 

It is said that no matter how old you are, each girl has a pink heart. Most of Otaku will be captive by cute girl pink as well. Of course, you want to have the same as cherry-like hair color, the hair needs to fade many times, dyed the color will be bright and beautiful, hair must pay attention to hair care.

ombre hair

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