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Hair Care Guidance: How To Clean Wigs? XBL Unprocessed Hair

Hair Care Guidance: How To Clean Wigs? XBL  Unprocessed Hair

Wigs are one of the most common fashion accessories worn by people for different occasions or events. This can be inspired by events like Halloween, gala, and pageants. However, it is important to note that overtime, the wig facing environmental factors like wind, rain and dampness may be foul or untidy. This creates a requirement for which the wig should be properly maintained. Maintenance involves regular cleaning and combing to keep the form that the wig had even when it was brought the first time. There are different maintenance needs that are unique for each type of wig. A wig wearer should therefore know the type of wig in order to effect the proper maintenance to it.

How To Clean Wigs

How To Clean Wigs

1.Classification Of Wigs

There are two types of wigs: synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Each of these types of wigs have their own maintenance specifications. Therefore, wig wearers should note the type of wig they have and remit the correct type of maintenance to avoid damaging it or spoiling it. This includes knowing the appropriate care and styling products that should be used with it.Once you brought your wig from a famous brand like BestHairBuy, it is important to also buy care and maintenance product from the same brand as well to ensure complete credibility for the products you buy. This includes a wig brush, a conditioner, and shampoo. Cleaning your wig is part of good maintenance for your wig. For a successful clean, the following steps should be considered.

2.Steps Of Cleaning Wigs

• Using a small trough, mix the wig shampoo with cool water.

• Soak the wig for approximately six minutes or longer depending on how dirty it is.

• After the time has elapsed, dip the wig up and down gently in the water. Clean gently with a small brush preferably a toothbrush to remove any stains.

• Rinse the wig thoroughly but gently in the water.

• Condition the wig using a conditioner to restore its style. This is done by refilling the trough with clean cool water. Add not more two cups of the conditioner to the water and make a solution. Place the wig in the solution and work the wig using your fingers. Rinse the wig again using clean cool water.

• Rinse the wig thoroughly but gently and dry it using a towel. It is important to note that the wig should not be wringed as this might destroy it. You can also air dry it to give it a manageable healthy look.

• For human hair the same procedure should be followed with keen steps being taken for the last two defined. The conditioner being used for human hair; it is important to use the instructions as defined in the product. This allows the product to take full effect on the human hair wig to give you the best results. Drying human hair also can use the steps defined above. This is inclusive of heat styling and blow drying as well. This help to maintain the style for human hair that makes it look all the more natural.


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