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If You’ve Never Tried XBL Hair – You’re Missing Out


About hair business. Finding a hair supplier can be a difficult thing to do if you don’t know where to look.

Nowadays, there are hair suppliers everywhere. Most of the suppliers are gathered in China, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, and other Asian countries. The largest consumer market for hair is in Europe, America and African countries. Nowadays, social marketing has become more and more widespread, and it is everywhere on IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Most funny thing is that almost black women’s IG account have several hair suppliers and receives a lot of emails and messages every day. Yes, it is because the huge market in the hair industry attracts more and more people to sell their hair. The friends around them have started their own extra money. You can start your hair business as well. But you have to choose a reliable supplier, you may test the hair many times, compare the price. 

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XBL HAIR established in 2001, has 16 years experience in human hair products and sales. We can offer you best quality hair with wholesale price. We have offer a large number of hair extension to USA. We have accumulated a lot of good quality customers and agents in USA and Africa. XBL HAIR accept customized color hairstyle, customized tag and label.  Our drop shipping  hair extension are very popular recently by retail resell customers.  Fast & Free ship to you within two to three business days.

Popular Textures

hair business

>>Brazilian Body Wave

>>Brazilian Deep Wave

>>Brazilian Loose Wave

>>Brazilian Kinky Curly

>>Brazilian Silky Straight

Our team is adding new hair products every month based on our client feedback as to what will sell the best. A company can insist on doing products for many years, that is to explain their continuous source of customers, indicating that their products are affirmed by customers, and cooperation with them is a good choice. Give us a call so we can talk about how we can start working together!

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