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What kind of hair bangs is the best for your face shape?

Today, let’s talk about how to choose hair bangs according to your hairstyle and face. A suitable hair bangs will add extra points to your image.

Rihanna: Square Face
Rihanna’s long, bangs are tapered on the sides, adding a soft element to the square face. When you are at the salon, ask your stylist to cut them under the eyebrows and leave the heaviest parts on the sides so they don’t cover your eyes. The middle strand can be feathery because a small forehead peek is ideal. Heavy bangs like this need to get to the right place, otherwise they can easily overwhelm your face.

Taylor Swift: Round Face
The soft arched edges will compliment the soft features. Since the bangs can make the rounded surface look fuller, the correct shape is the key. Require graphics, curved shapes to flatten your bone structure. Thick bangs, rather than slender versions, will have a bigger impact.

Dakota Johnson: Elliptical Face
The good news for oval faces: almost all types of stripes are on you. That being said, ventilation, straight, will highlight your face without feeling bulky. I would like to ask the bangs between the eyebrows and the eyelashes, the edges are longer. In that case, you can put them aside or use the middle part directly.

Reese Witherspoon: Heart-Shaped Face
A heart-shaped face can be a bit heavy at the top. The bangs sweeping across the side have a balanced effect, attracting attention down and the eyes. Your ideal shape is layered, the feathers of the bangs, the shortest part hits your eyebrows. Arch, and the longest time meets the outer corner of your eye.

Kerry Washington: High Forehead

Kerry Washington: High Forehead
The swaying bangs have a double effect. The thickness of the style is hidden in the forehead, while the angle of the gradient opens and enlarges the face. Heavy side sweep bangs start from the center of the forehead and gradually narrow down the diagonal to the cheek length. These bangs are starting to go beyond your natural hairline.

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Emma Stone: Small Forehead
The oblique asymmetrical stripes make the short forehead look stronger and more visible. To lengthen your eyebrows, ask your stylist to cut your bangs at a steep dive angle that blends into the cheeks. Although this style requires a deeper side section, it is suitable for almost any face type.

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