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Several good steps to repair your messy curly hair

Several good steps to repair your messy curly hair

steps to repair curly hair

steps to repair curly hair

1.Why you feel so vexed with curly hair?

There is no doubt that the girls really look good with curly hair. But you should pay for all the things you get. So there are also many problems with curly hair you have to meet. Here below XBL Hair will list some examples for your reference.

There are many rules if your hair is curly. You can not use the normal comb to comb your hair, and you can not comb it often. We can not comb it often because combing is easy to change the curly hairstyle. Mostly, you’d better use your hand to make it tidy. Because without combing, it is always easy to tie. This is really one thing everyone hates. Once it ties, you will try to fix that, then there will be a lot of hair loss. Anyway, more and more trouble will come.
Besides, you may need to pay more in hair care products like elastin and olive oil and so on. Normally, straight hair after perming is curly hair, and when your hair gets through high temperature, it will easily hurt. So when you wash your hair, you’d better use some conditioner.

2.Why your curly hair always easily ties?

There are many reasons for the tie curly hair. For the hair itself, when it is lack of protein and water, it will be a tie. The things you are lack of would be the things you need, so it is very important to supplement them. About the protein, you can eat some food what are full of protein like eggs and pork. About the water, you can use spray water meter, that will be work.
About Caring solutions, if you always use gelatin to make hairstyles, that will be not good for your hair. So if possible, please do not use it as possible. And do not use the dense comb to comb your hair, if you wanna use a comb, please use the specified comb. Because the dense comb will change the original shape of the hair.

3.Several good steps to repair curly hair

All of us should know that the tips to care our natural hair. And now here XBL Hair will give your guys some tips to repair curly hair extensions. It will be also working to hair wig.

1 Whether it is your natural hair or wig, you should wash your hair regularly. For your natural hair, you’d better wash it once two days, and for the wig, you just need to wash it once in 10-15 days. About the shampoo, you’d better opt for a shampoo with a PH level from 4.5 to 5.5.

2 It is necessary for you to shampoo your curly hair thoroughly to remove smoke, dirt, dust, residue, etc. Healthy living habit is also good for yourself.

3 Using conditioner and hair care essential oils, those will be good for your hair.

4 Do not overuse the hair dryer. The high temperature will make your hair become like a hay. Especially to the hair wig, you can only make it dry in a natural way.

5 Do not comb your hair often, comb it by your hand as possible.

6 Do not always tie your hair and change your hairstyle.

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