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This Summer!Every Girl Needs It!

 All year round, sunglasses are fashionable products, no matter men and women, old and young will wear them. For handsome, cool will wear it. Wear it for sun protection. Each has its own needs, but how to choose the right sunglasses is also a problem. What looks good and fashionable doesn’t necessarily suit you. Look for one that suit you. You can look for shades that suit your face, skin color, and facial features. Let’s see.

1.From the face shape

Square face suits, elliptic or inky frame is all round have radiant sunglasses, still suit cat eye model sunglasses and butterfly model sunglasses. Round and curved sunglasses can make a square face softer, and can be used to make a face too big. Too big, too square, too round, too complicated them for a square face. And the round-faced sister was the same. Round face is suitable for large square and D shape sunglasses, so the shape of the sunglasses will not make the face look fleshy, so that the face will be more contoured. Be sure to reject round one.Bevel face is suitable for wide and narrow sunglasses. No sunglasses with strong lines. It’s more approachable. Avoid round glasses and glasses with too wide a frame, which will make your chin appear sharper. Oval and diamond shaped faces are ideal for over sized one. Oval face suits all shades. Everyone envies people with oval faces.

2.From the nose

The nose is too big. Choose a larger frame, especially the bridge of the nose where the frame is wider. If it is too narrow, the nose will be uncomfortable and the nose will appear larger. The nose is too long. Choose sunglasses to have wide edges, can disperse the visual effect. Choose a pair of them with a double design frame over the bridge of the nose. blonde hair , sunglassesIt also makes the nose look shorter. 3. The nose is too small, so you can choose that with light color and high nose support. The nose will appear slimmer in visual effect.

3.From the point

The position of the frame is the best in the center line of the eye. It looks like a clown. The position of the frame should be flush with the eyebrows or be the best for high eyebrows. The eyebrows are Thin and light for a wide frame of sunglasses. Eyebrow density is suitable for narrow frame edges or sunglasses without frames.Sunglasses that do not have a The sunscreen effect will not make the sun so stab, but at this time the pupil will be enlarged, and the ultraviolet rays will shine in the eyes and hurt the eyes. The design of the general lens is designed through the theory of optics. Ordinary sunglasses are improperly designed, eyes will be fatigued and vision will be reduced.


black women with sunglasses4.Choose from color

1 .gray sunglasses, will reduce the brightness, suitable for white people
2. brown and brown sunglasses for yellow skin, reduce haze, you can wear in gray weather.
3. Yellow lenses, see things will be very clear, but will change Rose. The lenses are also suitable suitable for water sports, with a good contrast. With the blue sky and green water.






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