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Why more and more girls like virgin hair braid bundle?

Why more and more girls like virgin hair braid bundle?

All we know, more and more black women can’t live without hair weave. There are different kinds hair products for black women to select. Most sale in hair market is hair bundles, closure, wigs. Hair bundles need to sew in, and wigs need to glue. It is difficult to install and take down. So more and more black women choose braid bundle. Braid in bundle is made of 2 parts , the biggest difference from other wefts is that there is a fixed part -which is 6 inches straight hair , it can be braided with your natural hair. The other part is the same as our traditional hair bundle with all textures and lengths.


How many do you know about braid in bundle?

Braid In Bundles offer you a secure hold without the use of glue, thread or clips. A full head installation can be completed in one easy step. The bundles are braided directly into your natural hair without the time consuming steps of braiding your own hair to install row by sewing or gluing of weft. Each Braid In Bundle is 100 grams full with 100% top grade virgin human hair from xblhair. It is highly recommended that braiding hair also be added to the existing hair while braiding for a for a tighter more secure hold. The braiding hair is also only 20 grams full so your braids won’t be too thick. 2-3 bundles are required for a full head depending on the look you are going for. Bundles do not come in pieces but as 1 complete long weft.


braid bundle

10 Beneficial Points Of Braid In Bundle 

1.Braid In Bundles
2.No glue
3.No thread
4.No clips
5.No crochet
6.No sew
7.1 step easy to install
9.Easy take down
10.Braid together with your natural hair

How To Choose Good Quality Braid In Bundle?

When you choose braid bundle, the hair part that need to sew in your own hair on the top must be full enough and no shedding. So it can hold on firmly and keep for a long time. If you want color your braid bundles, you should choose 100% human virgin hair easy to color.

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