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What else can you do after Dyeing Hair?Refuse hair fade

What else can you do after Dyeing Hair?

Girls just like to change hairstyle. Girls want to change their hairstyles in a good mood. Girls want to change their hairstyles when they are in a bad mood as well. When they see cool hairstyle, they want to change their hair at once.  Girls like to color hair. But refuse hair fade. However, the hair is dry and even faded after hair dyeing. What should we do to refuse hair fade? Today i share some affordable hair products with you.

Prevent hair fade products

After dyeing the hair, it is necessary to use shampoo with a color protection function to keep the hair color longer.

Refuse hair fade









                 1  .Japan reveur                                    2. molton brown                                 3. christophe robin

Prevent hair frizzy products









1.Japan Shiseido FINO Hair mask            2.Korea Hair Care Essential Oil       3.L’Oreal MYTHIC OIL

Reduce shampoo times use dry Shampoo products

Frequently washing hair will make the hair fade as well .The importance of friends who go out to meet can be reflected by whether or not to shampoo. The sisters who are important enough for the date must be able to wash their hair before going out. Speaking of shampooing is really annoying. Sometimes I don’t want to wash my hair when I go out to go home or when I’m tired. But once I don’t wash it, I have to put on an oily mouth the next day. This kind of disposable spray is a good thing, spray a hair as if just washed. Some of the disposable sprays also nourish the hair and make the hair more plump and tough.

1.   Bumble  and bumble Dry Powder

2.Batiste hair dry spray

3. LUSH Hair Dry Powder


hair care








                  1.                                                     2.                                                                                                    3.


Ok,share so much today. Well, girls just like to  toss their hair. If you like it, try it yourself. You will become familiar with the practice.



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