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How to Dye Hair Correctly?–XBL Hair Virgin Unprocessed Hair

XBL Hair Virgin Unprocessed Hair — How to Dye Hair Correctly?

I wear natural black color hair, so I always want to dye hair into other colors, like natural brown color 2 or even pink hair. But the problem is I don’t know how to dye the hair, do you meet same problem with me before? One day I went to meet one of my friends, who is a stylist working in a hair salon. She share with me about the tips, I hope it is workable for you all.

High light color hair

High light color hair

How to dye hair?

1.Firstly, Wash your hair 1 or 2 days before you dyeing it.

Just insure keeping the hair oil in the hair to protecting your hair. And the dye will blend naturally with your hair, and that tends to make it last longer. If possible, please don’t use conditioner before dyeing the hair, since the conditioner will eliminates the hair oil and it may need more dye to color the hair. If hair is very dry, please condition the hair every time when you wash the hair for a week before you ready to dye your hair. Then don’t conditioner it the day before you dye the hair.

2.Secondly, Select a favorite color you want to dye.

If you are new to dyeing the hair, you can try with a temporary or semi-permanent dye first to ensure if you message up. You won’t have live you mistake for long. Use a bottle or bowl to mix the dye. Follor the instruction provided on the box to combine the dye well. Then apply the dye to your hair in sections, you can wear a disposable gloves, you can make the hair into a small strand and put the dye into the hair. If the hair is straight or weave, you can use a comb to come the hair to make sure the dye been put into the hair evenly. If it is curl hair or deep wave, you can use your finger to comb the hair after you put the dye into the hair.

Color Hair

Color Hair

3.Thirdly, after puting dye into the hair, to set a timer for how long to leave the dye.

Do not rinse the dye out before minimum time or over the time, make sure to follow the instructions. After time is up. You should use warm water to rinse the dye out of your hair. You can wait at least an hour then you can shampoo and condition you hair. To make sure the hair is clean without any dye, you can wash it for times and conditions it.

Finally, please dry the hair and styles it as usual. You can make a style that you want, then the hair will keep color that you like well.

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