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What Is Drop Shipping Hair Extension?–XBL HAIR Tips

1.Drop shipping Hair

What Is Drop Shipping Hair Extension? Are you looking for a reliable USA-based hair extension drop shipper to pack and ship your hair extension orders?

For customers, XBL HAIR offer drop shipping hair service, which means we can send package directly to your customers without any of our XBL Hair logo. Even use your customized logo to ship to your customers. You can provide me your customer’s shipping address and yours. Then we can put your name and phone there as the shipper and your customer info there as receiver. We will never contact your customers directly.  No matter one piece or one package can use drop shipping. The advantage is that you will not be troubled by your backlog of inventory.  Once you receive orders from customers, you can place orders by email , whatsapp, online directly. You can simply operate anytime and anywhere. 

2.How to start  your business with drop shipping 

Now more and more customers choose this way to start their business, especially college students use this method to start their hair business is more convenient, no inventory, no cash flow. Once receive the customer’s payment can be immediately single, generally 2-3 days can reach the United States. Save the shipping fee from us to you and from you to your customers.

Set Your Own Price List :  The retail price is whatever you set it to be. Don’t worried, nobody will know who is your supplier, and nobody will know your wholesale price. If you had ask we to design the logo for you , we can help to paste your brand logo.

No Minimum Orders:  XBL HAIR Drop shipping hair have no minimum order,one bundles can be allowed. You can order bundles individually or multiple if necessary. If you have received many orders from customers, it is most convenient to order directly on our website. One order for one address. Don’t worry about messing up orders and addresses, you can verify your order and address by yourself .

Organized Shipping: Another reason for dropshipping is that we do all the shipping for you. This gives you more time to focus on Marketing and Sales and less time on the shipping logistics. We do not put any of our company information on the packaging. Our shipping team also takes a photo of every order that is shipped so if there is a question about a missing item we can “roll back the tape” and see if this was the case. Save time for delivery package to your customers. You customers will receive hair more quickly. And save shipping charge that you can make more profit.

Sell Hair Extensions Without the Cost of Inventory : We know that when first started a small business, the funds were relatively scarce. You were worried that the inventory might be overstocked and you couldn’t sell them.  As long as you work hard to promote products to customers. When your customer give your order,we will provide the hair for you . 

Drop Shipping Hair

3. How to sell hair extension for your business

Dropshipping hair extensions makes it so easy to run your hair business. The popular marketing method now is social marketing, facebook, instagram , twitter etc. social app are free account, many guys sell products there. Pictures, videos, live videos can attract clients.  This method is suitable for students and hair stylist assistants to earn extra money. Of course if you think it is necessary, you can open online shop. Ps: xblhair accept customized hairstyle, customized color. 

Contact Detail:

Name : Karen     Whatsapp:+86 13202028306       Email: xblhair003@xblhair.com

Drop Shipping Hair Extension

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