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How to distinguish human virgin hair and synthetic hair?

How to distinguish human virgin hair and synthetic hair?

Girls always worry about their wigs or hair bundles are not 100% human hair. In fact, don’t worry about this  problem.There are many methods to distinguish human virgin hair and synthetic hair.But the simplest method is using the fire to burn.

1.Judge from the open fire

Judging from the open fire, the virgin hair would not continue to burn as soon as the fire was stopped.If the hair is synthetic hair, it will keep burning and drip oil.

2.Judge from the smell

Human hair and  synthetic hair burning  taste is also very different. The smell of human virgin hair is the taste of protein fiber carbonized, the smell of synthetic hair is a plastic flavor.

3.Judge from the burning ash

After burning, the ash of human virgin hair can be crushed. The synthetic hair after burning will be hardened, crushed is not broken, burning ash into a piece.

human hair

My Hair

virgin hair

XBL Hair


Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair  
















4.Judge from the color of the smoke

After burning, the smoke of the human hair appear white, and then the smoke synthetic hair appear black.

The other professional method to distinguish human virgin hair and synthetic hair is to use electricity plywood to test .

specific methods: 1. Plug the power plug.

2. The temperature of the electric plywood up to 220 degrees.

3.Waiting for the temperature to reach, the power plywood firmly grip the hair to be tested, gently straighten. 5-6 times to pull. 4, if it is real human hair will straighten out, if the fiber hair will become curly or melted.

 Wearings human virgin hair will allow you to change variety kinds of beautiful and gorgeous hairstyle at any time, and do not harm their own hair. And than wearing  synthetic hair wigs will rise heart to physical health. So please choose hair suppliers carefully, you must buy 100% human hair to keep your health.

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