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Factory XBL Hair Tips:How To Care For Curly Hair?

Curly Hair

Curly Hair


How To Care For Curly Hair?

Hair is an ornament of every woman and different women possess different types of hair. They like to care it, experiment with it and try different styles following a trend. When we talk about curly hair, it is a bit difficult to deal with because the hair is under-moisturized due its curly strands. On the other hand, the scalps of a curly hair are oily in comparison with other hair types. This is the reason why it requires a certain amount of care. Whether it is all natural or a hair extension, curly hair is difficult to maintain and those who possess natural curly hair like the African American will know how difficult it is to take care of the hair when it is curly. Here are some of the tips on how to care for curly hair which you can implement to get the perfect result.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment:

Whether you are performing it on your natural hair or on a virgin hair extension, pre-shampooing is the best way to detangle the hair and also helps in reducing the roughness of the curly hair. You can simply use conditioning oil or a best-quality conditioner for your pre-shampoo treatment. The procedure is simple, you simply have to apply it on your hair, give it a slight massage and wash it off with a shampoo. But, you have to be careful with the hair extension as being a wig; it might get damaged by the rigorous use of shampoo. You can use a high-quality hair extension for that which is compatible with all the hair products. If you crave for Africa American wigs, you can best buy it from XBL Hair.

Avoid Shampooing Daily:

Curly hairs are less moisturized when compared to other hair types and thus, it is necessary that you maintain whatever moisture is left in your hair so that it can grow curlier. Daily shampooing will take out all the moisture present in your scalp and will lead to a dry scalp. This can lead to your curly hair getting fragile strands, stretched and dry out. Instead of daily shampooing, use conditioner as much as possible, it will provide your hair the much-needed moisture and in result will make sure that the growth of your curly hair is not affected. Even if you are not shampooing, you can massage your hair with good conditioning oil or a conditioner.

Choosing The Right Shampoo:

It is necessary especially if you use virgin hair extensions because using any shampoo will cause serious damage to your hair even if it is a wig. Every shampoo comes with different chemical components thus, when you buy a shampoo; try to stick to it as long as you can because a change in shampoo will make it harder for your hair to adapt to its chemical properties. Also, it is necessary that you use high-quality shampoo available in the market as it is your hair we are talking about.

Instead Of Bulky Towels, Switch To T-Shirts:

This is a very effective hair hack especially when you have a curly hair. Thick towels can damage your curly hair as the towels can absorb water quickly. Using a thin cotton cloth like your old t-shirt will ensure that water is not completely drained off from your hair, thus, helping it retaining the moisture. On the other hand, avoid twisting and squeezing too harshly, else it will result in hair fall.

Instead Of Hot Water Showers Take Cold Water Showers:

We all know the benefit of bathing with cold water, but it is also very healthy for our hair too. Curly hairs are prone to cuticles and in order to shut it, cold water is an excellent agent. When you shampoo, rinse it off with cold water. It will reduce frizz and make your curly hair more lustrous.

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