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Compare High Quality Hair With Cheap Quality Hair| XBL HUMAN VIRGIN HAIR

Compare High Quality Hair With Cheap Quality Hair

Today Im going to kind of walk you through how to compare the difference between high and low quality hair , Im going hold up two different quality hair bundles on my left side and right side. Can you guess which one is the high quality hair and which one is low quality hair,have a very good look! So i don’t know how many guys can guess correctly,  I’m going to explain the different between this two bundles.

high quality hair

1. Hair Source

Low quality hair on the right side is  going to be a lot more short pieces of hair in the bundles, the bundle is going to collected from fallen on the floor instead of one donor . And the high quality hair is cut from one donor that means all the roots to the ends collect perfectly. The cuticles are going to be aligned which make the bundles less shedding and less tangling. The high quality hair will be more silky to touch. And than the cheap quality hair is more frizzy and its easy to break when you run it your fingers through it, you can see a lots of broken shedding hair.

2.Hair Color

This most different is that the high quality hair is uniform natural black color. It is unprocessed for texture or for color. It can be bleach and die very easily. The low quality is probably going to be dyed so it’s going to be very hard to bleach or recolor it.

3.Hair Last Time

The high quality hair can last a long time at least 1 years and keep shine. Even take good care of virgin hair can last 2- 3 years. But the low quality hair will be thinner and thinner after washing several times, it looks really crazy. It is going to get more coarse and frizzy. So the high quality hair cost performance in the long run.

So those are just a few ways that you can tell high quality from cheap quality hair. I just want to help more girls, because i want all girls to be educated on good verse like cheap quality hair. So nobody is wasting  money, because everybody works hard for their money. You don’t waste it on cheap quality hair. Of course, the high quality is going to cost more than the cheap quality hair, but buying once high quality hair equal to many times cheap quality hair. All in all, what you pay is what you get.


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