dusty rose hair color
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2018 Most Pretty Hair Color:Dusty Rose

dusty rose

Just when you thought you’ve seen every possible variation of pink hair, another trendy shade is taking over. Meet dusty rose, the color that’s currently all over Instagram.

Unlike pastel or rose gold, this light pink shade doesn’t feel out of place in hot or cold weather.The color works best if you have a pale blonde base. If you already have light hair, Papanikolas says to ask your colorist to layer the pink over your already-bleached highlights. If you have dark hair, you’re going to have to lighten it in order for the dusty pink tones to show up. Applying the color over a light base will give you a dramatic effect, while doing it over balayage  highlights will be more subtle.

dusty rose hair color

dusty rose hair color

dusty rose hair color












Formulas: Foiled with Loreal Blond Studio w/ 20vol + 1/8 olaplex PRE-colored with Guy Tang MyDentity 9rb w/ 6vol + 1/16 olaplex.   Your dusty rose hair might not last forever, but there are a few things you can do to help your color look fresh for as long as possible.

We’re met with a new member of the blush family. Enter “dusty rose.” Unlike its brighter, more playful counterparts, this hue has ashy undertones, but it has the same highly coveted level of searchability that has us spending more time on Pinterest than a bride-to-be. It’s one thing to fawn over a board dedicated to this vintage take on pink. But it’s a whole separate level to take the plunge and get the hue yourself.  The only problem is it will read more pale pink than the “dusty” hue, as it doesn’t have gray undertones. So if you want more of a vintage pink, it’s best to visit a professional.

“To achieve this color, I like to mix a pastel pink and pastel purple or pastel blue,” Brown explains. “The good thing about these colors is they are straight pigments so you can see what the color will look like before applying it to the hair. Pravana color is great and Schwarzkopf has a dusty rose already made for you. But you can use almost any brand you like.  I love using the Overtone conditioners.” She also recommends Manic Panic if you’re going the DIY route. “It’s simple to use if doing it at home by yourself.”


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