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How To Care Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair

How To Care Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair

Do you know how to Care  Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair? Today, XBL Hair is going to give you some useful tips.Actually, looking after virgin human hair extensions is not very difficult. The first and most important thing is to follow a consistent hair care routine to keep them well. Treat hair extensions just as if it was your own hair.With good care, virgin hair will stay soft and beautiful.

Here are details below for virgin Unprocessed Human hair care. should wash your virgin hair with correct way.

Normally you should wash your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. Begin by rinsing thoroughly with warm water. And apply conditioner dissolved, then brush it with a wide toothcomb can prevent knotting and silky. Use shampoo starting with the ends working towards the roots. Slide suds down the hair shaft with a smooth stroking motion. And then, rinse thoroughly. Finish with a cold rinse, which closes the cuticle, locks in moisture and gives maximum shine. Finally let hair air dry naturally.

Care Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair

Care Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair

2.Brush your virgin hair properly.

Before washing and go to bed, you’d better brush your virgin hair to ensure there are no natural occurring tangles caused by wind or friction. Besides, make sure your hair is always completely dry when you go to bed. If you sleep on wet hair,the hair may tangle. What’s more,don’t brush wet hair when hair follicles are at their most vulnerable.

3.Virgin hair can be colored, blew dry, flat-Ironed or curled, but you need to choose the best virgin human hair extensions.

You can absolutely treat your virgin hair just as you would your own. What’s more, you’d better apply a small amount of Almond or Coconut oil 2-3 times a week which is required. Whilst wet, add 2-3 drops of natural oil by gently applying it evenly over the hair, these oils will penetrate the cuticles and add moisture to hair extensions.

Taking good care of them can last 1 year or even longer.As long as choose the best virgin human hair and keep it clean, it will be great for a long time!

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