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Why is Brazilian hair so popular?

Among African American Women? If you use hair extensions, then you have probably tried Brazilian hair. The quality, texture and wearing effect will never go wrong. In fact, our Brazilian hair has been our best-selling product for 3 consecutive years. Let’s take a look at everything related to Brazilian hair!

Beautiful Brazil

The beauty of Brazil and the likes of Gisele Bundchen who cover magazines and TV commercials around the world are irrefutable. Brazil is located on the South Atlantic coast of South America. In addition to beaches, festivals, and of course, it is famous for its hair. Let’s take a look at some popular Brazilian hairstyles that women like!

Brazilian hair texture

There are many types of textures on the market. XBL Hair focuse on providing our wholesale hair vendors with the best-selling styles. The five most popular hairstyles include Brazilian straight hair, Brazilian body wave, Brazilian loose wave, Brazilian deep wave and Brazilian curly hair. The sewing extensions of these styles are selling well and should be available if you are selling online or in your showroom. Other styles are available, such as natural wave, loose deep wave, tight curl, African-style metamorphosis, and maybe more creative styles. These patterns are consistent because the use of steam creates a precise swirl pattern. Consistent quality is one of the main characteristics of this hair.

Brazilian hair care

Taking care of your hair extensions is very important. If you wash them regularly by your stylist or at home, they will look and smell great. We always recommend using a non-sulfate shampoo when washing your hair with the preset hair extensions. Since this is 100% human hair, you can quickly dry your hair with a hair dryer. Start by preventing moisture from entering the scalp. When dealing with hair, a wide tooth comb will be your best friend. Generally, if you care for it properly, your hair can be used for up to 1 year. We have many customers who install the same hair many times and it works very well!

Color and style

Brazilian hair is famous for its outstanding color and style! This shouldn’t be a problem when you use high-quality hair extensions. XBL Hair Factory worked closely with professional testing team to test our color and style extensions. The result is great. If you have questions about any hair type, our product line has no choice. From sticky curls to bright colors, this hair is amazing! You can lift your hair up to gold, and then add a little blue, purple, red or any color you can think of to make your hairstyle more dramatic.

Brazilian hair sales

If you want to start a hair business, you need to contact us to create your own hairline. Our wholesale Brazilian hair are the perfect solution for you. When you work with a supplier who complains about high quality, you may not worry so much about these complaints. We are proud of our products and excellent service. If you have not tried Brazilian hair, then you have missed the opportunity. Enjoy the quality and beauty that can be obtained by wearing it!

XBL Hair is one of the best hair vendors in China for more than 18 years. We offer premium Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair to wholesale hair distributors, hair salon, retail customers for world wide market. If you want to experience hair business with no inventory, try our dropshipping hair program!

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