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Can You Braid A Exquisite Hairstyle For Black Women ?

Can You Braid A Exquisite Hairstyle For Black Women ?

More and more Black women like to install virgin hair bundles, lace wig, lace closure and make to fit and perfect any look their desire.  Most black women can sew- in hair bundles,U-part wig ,360 lace frontal brand. Is it enough to have a full beautiful hair? NO. If you learn how to braid exquisite hairstyle, you will get more attractive eyes. Let me show you fashion and popular braid hairstyle, maybe you are the most showy one in your best sisters photos.

1.Middle part three strands of braided hair

Divide hair into two parts ,then left and right sides three -ply braid. This hairstyle is very common. But temperament is certainly more pleasant.

Exquisite Hairstyle

2.One side three strands of braided hair

Three strands of braided hair must be combed on the side of the forehead to make the hairstyle look simple and stylish. The female side comb is divided into braided hairstyles and the hair is fixed on the side of the neck to make this hairstyle look stylish and beautiful.

3.Half Bun

A  Exquisite Hairstyle that is simple and popular this year is definitely  Half Bun! Going in a hurry or being lazy  to take care of your hair? Want to change your own stereotype in office or formal occasions? Half Bun’s head is your savior. First, use your hand to comb your hair and make your hair smooth. Divide the hair into two layers. The upper layer is combed with hair and tied with a rubber band. Be careful to be fluffy.

Exquisite Hairstyle











4. Two Half Bun

The most playful two ball heads are most liked by the girl. She has a small ball on the left and right sides. Not only is her lovely age reduced by her maiden sensibility, but her sweet bow tie is also used to decorate her look. First comb the hair with a comb,  then divide the hair into two parts , then comb the left hair together, and concentrate on the left side of the head to twist the hair bundle in the clockwise direction. Twist the twisted hair tresses to the top of the balls, and the tails are fixed with black hairpins. This completes the side of the balls.







5.Bang Braid

It is easier to sweat in summer, wet bang make girls embarrassing. If bang is too long, it will cover his eyes and affect the beauty. Braid your bang , make your feel fresh. Comb the hair first, then grab the hair on the top side of the head. Divide the hair into three small pieces from the top of the head, and then start to compose a good-looking three-piece hairpin of the bangs. The hair is always braided along the head shape. If you like, you can add colored hair bands together to bang.

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