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Most “Black” Red Carpet In History-Golden Globe Prize

Most “Black” Red Carpet In History-Golden Globe Prize

This year’s Golden Globe Prize red carpet is very strong. An unprecedented hit the collective the same color,looking ahead men and women come to black all. It is not a tacit agreement nor a coincidence. That in order to protest of Hollywood’s No.1 – sexual harassment. This year they all collectively called for the unification of wearing black clothes. Such a proposition dress requirements. So they dare not dress too exaggerated of course.  Let’s see how many stars participated in this award.

1.Nicole Kidman

She had keep 50-year-old shape and skin well, it really is the goddess forever.

2.Gal Gadot And Her Husband

3.Jessica Chastain

4.Emilia Clarke

I love her hairstyle. Hollywood star fashion hairstyle 613  blonde short bob.

5.Angelina Jolie

Perspective dress is beautiful. Both perspective and feather elements, very elegant.

Hollywood star

6. Mariah Carey

But why she still did not lose weight yet, so sad.

Golden Globe Prize

As you can see, all celebrities wore black for anti-sexual activities, whether male or female.

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