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Must You Have To Go To Beauty Salon For Skin SPA?

Must You Have To Go To Beauty Salon For Skin SPA? The answer is no. Nowadays, there are a large number of home beauty instruments on the market, which are convenient for those who do not have time to go to beauty salons. You can also enjoy the skin SPA and enjoy the relaxation after a day of fatigue at home instead of beauty salon.Today we come to know about those home beauty devices, let themselves become more and more beautiful.


1. Foreo Luna Cleansing instruments

It’s important to wash your face. The skin is clean to absorb skin care products. Silicone texture will not harm the skin, more confidence than the brush head washing instrument, high-frequency vibration, deep clean skin, sensitive skin does not have to fear, reasonable curve design, different strengths can be selected, USB connection charging method. There are different sizes, so the price is different. Price :$150-$200




Use it to massage facial acupuncture points, promote lymphatic drainage, stimulate the dermis to secrete more collagen, and 6,000 vibrations per minute “excessive edema and lifting firming effect, can clearly see the lift of the jaw line” “With massage cream or facial cream essence, push with gold stick for a while to absorb basically,” “Be sure to stick to use, use 2-3 times a week, eye bags,Nasolabial fold, etc. prone to wrinkles sagging place more massage, the effect is really “Seeing to see”, the beauty salon enjoys the tightness of the lift and can be done at home. Price : $75-$85.






3. REFA Double ball rolling beauty instrument

A variety of styles and functions of beauty equipment, as well as men’s models. The face and clavicle are particularly effective for nasolabial folds and contour lines! The handle is very long and slender. “It takes a long time to massage it, and it won’t get tired”. The size of the wheel is moderate. “The details of the eyes, nasolabial folds, and lifting lines can all be taken care of.” Although the grip is smaller than the big wheel , but for the face massage is just right ~ immediate results Needless to say, “five minutes after the massage, the face has obvious lifting effect”, “with a single roller rolling below the eye, there are dark circles Faded.” “Every morning and evening, keep rolling your face.  Price : $155-$300.




4. Seemask’s bio-optical mask beauty instrument

Three light sources beautify the skin. Seemask’s bio-optical mask is a black technology for skin rejuvenation. The interior is similar to a large row of lights, with nearly 200 LED lights. The mask is designed to provide uniform illumination and good facial care. The three modes can be switched freely: the red light mode helps to soothe the skin by normal muscles; the blue light mode can improve rough pores and blackheads; the violet mode is a mixture of red light and blue light, and has two cosmetic effects to improve the skin. You can also freely adjust the irradiation time and light intensity. Price : $500-$520.

beauty instrument

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

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